We are Josh Marberry and Samantha Marberry: two best friends who enjoy the work we do in a world of light and sound. For years, we've represented businesses, nonprofits, and communities through our skills in filmmaking. We share a love for wrapping our heads and hearts around a problem and solving it with the gifts we've been given. We've been running together like this since 2015, making films and music: starting A&SG a few years later after working as the film department for a marketing agency. From that point on, there hasn't been a moment without something put in front of us to pour our gifts into.

It's been a constant revolving door of commercials and campaigns for big and small businesses to film-stories about love and charity. No matter what we were producing, we were working closely with people - often in conversations about the most important things in life - like love, purpose, God, and grace. Some of our favorite projects over the years have been with our friends in ministry through various charities. People that carry the truth and love of Jesus Christ to everyone around them. A&SG stands for "Autumn and Seafoam Green" - referring to our eyes' color and the eye we share in our work.

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We set out on every project to fashion a tool that tackles a unique problem that our clients are facing. We are representing them as their advocate. We learn where they are coming from and where they want to go. We sit down and have a conversation before anything else - listening and meeting our client's obstacles with answers.

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Once we present our plan, we are off to make that happen. Over the many years in this field, we've seen this part of the process span the industries - presenting challenges as unique as the client we are representing. The field has awarded us hyper-close relationships with the widest range of situations, giving us experience with virtually every kind of filming environment.

We use our skills as writers, directors, and filmmakers

to build useful tools and deliver them to our client - The joy is in it from first inspiration, all the way through air date. We've made many friends over the years, producing film for our clients. Each accomplishment is a reel of memories we've spent in atmospheres with them. The final work is a reward for everyone involved.


When I see the words: "Movies, Music, and Home" or "Film and Sound" - it pretty much embodies this rush of God's calling planted in our lives with a running harvest every day. We feel most akin to farmers. It's a life-long and long-haul kind of work that reaps rewards in proportion to the labor of the farmer. It requires wisdom, patience, concentration, skill, knowledge, and trust in God.

There's nothing better than sharing music, movies, and home with my best friend that I love. No matter what we are going through, we have each other to share in it. We share in this race together. It's like a run wherever Jesus is pulling next - like a locomotive on rails.

I grab her hand and run after Him. Sometimes we rest in the railcar. Sometimes we are up front with the conductor. He always provides where He guides. Town-to-town, project-to project - I trust Him. We rest in His grace. All of the above are the keys.

- Josh Marberry

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