Little Lights Chapter 8 – “Beautiful and Wonderful”

THIS MONTH’S FEATURE – season 1 – chapter 8 Beautiful and Wonderful APRIL 2020 Project Carat of Paducah KY supplied Mrs. Coleman with the motorized wheelchair she uses to get out and do the things she loves. story in the vue season 1 – chapter 8 – Project Carat – Paducah, KY Beautiful and Wonderful […]

Little Lights Chapter 7

THIS MONTH’S FEATURE – season 1 – chapter 7 A Good Friend MARCH 2020 Oscar Cross Boys and Girls Club is an after-school facility in Paducah, Kentucky that promotes responsibility, productivity, and compassion for children and teens. The mission of Oscar Cross is to enable kids of all ages to become the best person they […]

Little Lights Chapter 6

THIS MONTH’S FEATURE – season 1 – chapter 6 Into Butterflies JANUARY 2020 Cassidy’s Cause is a therapeutic horseback riding academy in Paducah, Kentucky. Through the hearts and leadership of Angie Jackson, Dara Triplett, and Christy Woley, Cassidy’s Cause is serving riders with special needs here in the heartland. story in the vue season 1 […]

Little Lights Chapter 5

THIS MONTH’S FEATURE – season 1 – chapter 5 Outlet JANUARY 2020 Samuel Hawkins II is an author, poet, and performing artist who’s words aim to inspire creativity and acknowledgement of purpose in our lives. story in the vue season 1 – chapter 5 – outlet Samuel Hawkins II – Paducah, KY Chapter 5 of […]

Little Lights Chapter 4

THIS MONTH’S FEATURE – season 1 – chapter 4 Marcella’s Kitchen DECEMBER 2019 “Serving with love and loving to serve” is the motto of Marcella’s Kitchen. Marcella, along with the many daily volunteers, prepare meals from 8-1:30pm each weekday for anyone who comes through their doors. Whether you need food or have plenty, are looking […]

Little Lights Chapter 3

THIS MONTHS FEATURE – season 1 – chapter 3 Do You Love Me NOVEMBER 2019 Little Lights Chapter 3 is an Alzheimer’s documentary in association with the Alzheimer’s Association. Visit to learn more about this disease and how to become involved in funding, volunteering, and research efforts to find an Alzheimer’s cure. story in […]

Little Lights Chapter 2

THIS MONTH’S FEATURE – season 1 – chapter 2 McCracken County Special Olympics OCTOBER 2019 McCracken County Special Olympics hosts sporting events year-round for special needs athletes in the Paducah area. From bowling and track to basketball and baseball, athletes have the opportunity to join any team for the sport of their choice. Regardless of […]

Little Lights Chapter 1

THIS MONTHS FEATURE – season 1 – chapter 1 Book for Hope SEPTEMBER 2019 Book for Hope’s mission is to raise funds for childhood cancer research and provide financial assistance for families with a child actively in cancer treatment. story in the vue season 1 – chapter 1 – book for hope Book For Hope […]

Little Lights Premiere

THIS MONTHS FEATURE – season 1 – premiere This Little Light of Mine AUGUST 2019 Everything is vast; black outstretched forever. I lift hands, sweep arms, brave my fingers into that beginning… story in the vue series 1 – premiere – Little Lights “This Little Light of Mine” When a light shines.. what can stop […]