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We work with businesses, nonprofits, and communities all over to represent their image - cultivating highly specific terrain. Each film brand we chart is custom-designed and meticulously produced to serve your purposes well. A good film brand accomplishes what it sets out to do: represents our client with story, heart, and comprehension.

Pizza Inn Still Frames - 15


A Film Brand is a body of multimedia works that fully encompasses what your establishment is about. Your audience would discover it through all the platforms at your disposal - enjoying welcoming presentations of who you are and what you do. This is everything you would need to launch a brand expression from the ground up. In the presence of an already-strong brand, our films meet that in full-harmony with reinforcement.


Flanary Veterinary clinic

If you spend any amount of time with Dr. LaNita Flanary, you are bound to meet a multitude of her animal friends and patients. You'll also see a bustling staff sharing state-of-the-art and straight-from-the-heart care. LaNita's clinic has been in Paducah since the 90's, but the love that surrounds her work goes back as far as her childhood - witnessing her mother and father's love for each other.

Pizza Inn

As a national franchise, Pizza Inn is still best known in Paducah as a local hallmark fixture because of the earned-reputation of this locally-owned location. This special business has earned its place in Paducah by being a staple hangout for families in the community for over fifty years.

Hibbs insurance

Hibbs Insurance is an independent insurance agency in Paducah, meeting the specific needs of individuals - auto, home, life, health, commercial, and more. Hibbs Insurance is a family business, having built the Hibbs name in Paducah for three generations through great relationships with their customers.


Austin and Alex Oliver are brothers and inventors of an infant-safety device for wall outlets. Together, the two of them brought "Socket Shield" into the world - an eye-catching and innovative solution to protecting infants against shock.

seay motors

Denise Thompson of Next Level Consulting was building a marketing strategy for her client - Seay Motors. As their advisor, she was working on a plan to expand their brand further into their target market. She reached out to us when considering the best option to tell her client's story through film. We worked with her to create a Film Brand that fit her strategy, giving her plenty of material to supply her rollout.

Housman Partners Real Estate

Kevin and Jessica Housman are partners and experts in the world of real estate, sharing a love for working with people in Paducah, Kentucky. The two of them established their name in the industry by treating their business as a walk with their clients through the changes in their lives - relationships for the long haul.