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Do You Love Me


Little Lights Chapter 3 is an Alzheimer's documentary in association with the Alzheimer's Association. Visit to learn more about this disease and how to become involved in funding, volunteering, and research efforts to find an Alzheimer's cure.

season 1 - chapter 3 - Alzheimer's Association


Just a day before filming, Verna had celebrated her 90th birthday with her family. The following day, we arrived at her home, where her caretaker and daughter met us to spend time in one of Verna’s days in-and-out of sleep and the attention of loved ones. Alzheimer’s steals so much from the body, but it’s heaviest wounds come with memory. Over time, Verna has drifted further from the woman her family would describe or show you in pictures that hang all over the house. Portraits she took with loved ones, memories she made with friends, a husband who shared 68 years with her… all there somewhere with her… just out of reach at times but there. Her daughter watches her mother’s gradual loss of touch, with hope that she can recall at least one thing for us to hear in our stay. She asks over and over, “Momma, do you love me?”

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