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Into Butterflies


Cassidy's Cause is a therapeutic horseback riding academy in Paducah, Kentucky. Through the hearts and leadership of Angie Jackson, Dara Triplett, and Christy Woley, Cassidy's Cause is serving riders with special needs here in the heartland.

season 1 - chapter 6 - Cassidy's Cause Therapeutic Riding Academy

Into Butterflies

“Into Butterflies” is a story of change in the lives of two people who have suffered a profound loss. A mother will never forget losing a child, and a man who could have died as a boy lives a new life. Sometimes painful changes are part of a bigger plan that God sees long before we can. Dara Triplett recalls her daughter’s life and how her love for God, people, and horses are shared today through Cassidy’s Cause. Suffering an accidental gunshot to the head, Beau is grateful for his life today. Everywhere he goes, people know him for his bright personality, happiness, jokes, laughter, gratitude, and friendship as well as his uplifting road into recovery. “Into Butterflies” shares a flicker in the long story of light these two have in common. Their paths crossed through therapeutic horseback riding years ago, and this documentary short spends a moment with them along the way.

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