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Little Lights is an ongoing monthly series of print and film stories on the act of charity and love. VUE Magazine is a monthly publication based out of Paducah, KY that shares stories, promotes events, and covers charity and kindness as it happens around us. VUE and A&SG Film and Sound Makers are partnering to cover a charity or act of kindness through film and printed stories each month. For every film, you can read the accompanying written story at

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

THIS MONTH'S FEATURE - season 1 - chapter 8

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Beautiful and Wonderful

APRIL 2020

Project Carat of Paducah KY supplied Mrs. Coleman with the motorized wheelchair she uses to get out and do the things she loves.

season 1 - chapter 8 - Project Carat - Paducah, KY

Beautiful and Wonderful

Filming For Chapter 8 of Little Lights took place just before the Covid-19 lockdowns were trickling in. We had spent the day with Mrs. Constance Coleman, and the news was beginning to buzz. The project centers around her life in a motorized wheelchair she received from Project Carat. As we talked about the store shelves and sickness, she brought everything back to the faith it takes to live a long life as she is doing today. She spoke with us about surviving health complications and suffering an amputation without stopping. For someone with very old faith, COVID-19 was like very old news. There was kind grandmotherly disappointment when she said to us, “People need to have more faith”. On the wall next to the kitchen door, we spied the words “With God, all things are possible when you believe”.

Our hearts are with the elders we’ve shared time with before this crisis hit our states. If you’ve ever heard your grandmother or grandfather pray, you know what “old faith” is like and the power it holds. In the face of this ugly virus, we know many like Mrs. Coleman are praying like always. Our neighbors, friends, and family are doing their part in Paducah to slow the spread of Covid 19. Right now, organizations and nonprofits are working diligently to continue safely aiding our community in need. Project Carat is taking measures to close their office doors, but is still supplying seniors with assistive technology needed to continue living well during this lockdown. Learn more about this incredible nonprofit, volunteer, or donate below.

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"I knew that God was in my life and that he was going to help me." - Mrs. Constance Coleman

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