Denise Thompson of Next Level Consulting was building a marketing strategy for her client - Seay Motors. As their advisor, she was working on a plan to expand their brand further into their target market. She reached out to us when considering the best option to tell her client's story through film. We worked with her to create a Film Brand that fit her strategy, giving her plenty of material to supply her rollout.

We made the Seay Motors Film Brand with enough multimedia to serve multiple platforms and a milestone 2-film collection for history and values. Seay Motors is generational, beginning with Larry Joe's father and a passion for racing and automobiles. We spent time with Larry Joe to capture the heart of his work, his father's inspiration, and what's behind the wheel of the customer experience when you buy from them.

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Brand centerpiece

This centerpiece introduces the customer experience of Seay Motors - setting the storefront stage for the entire campaign. We see the automobiles, the folks who keep the business running, and what it looks like to buy a car at Seay Motors. These two features of the Film Brand kicked off the run of materials to follow in multi-platform marketing rollout that year.

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This history centerpiece illustrates the company's history and heart - Larry Joe's inspiration from his father and the bond they shared over racing and automobiles. We hear from Larry Joe directly about his father, his values on business, and his continuation for what his father began.


The Seay Motors Film Brand supplied Denise with a run of commercials that would serve her purposes for a traditional media rollout, with intent to reinforce these broadcasts with social media uploads. They are timed for broadcast-schedule slots, but also make excellent posts for social media, where they receive support from the local community online.

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The Seay Motors Film Brand supplied Denise with 86 still frames reprocessed for print and digital applications. These still frames are large enough to be used on billboards and plenty enough to supply thumbnails, short posts, and advertisements - colorful, bright, and print/digital/design-ready.


The film brand for Seay Motors was a total success, establishing the company history and values through film and still illustration. The time had come for a marketing push to reach an entirely new audience for Seay Motors, and Denise called us again when planning that marketing strategy for her client. See the "My Car" Film Campaign we made - fitting her client's purpose and establishing a strong call-to-action to that new customer base.