custom-created for a specific purpose


We work with a wide range of clients who need specialized film - everything from television commercials, film marketing material, and presentational media; to musical ensemble accompaniment, educational programs, feature stories, and documentary testimonials. View some of our standalone works in action below and read about how they were each custom-created for their purpose and circumstance.

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Fundrasing & awareness film for Nonprofit: Films like these are used by our clients to raise funds and awareness throughout the year, often debuting at fundraising events. They make excellent centerpieces for event-audiences - circulating well on social media afterwards for community comment and support online.

The Murray Rockets are a Special Olympics team in Murray, Kentucky. This group of athletes gathers multiple times a week to enjoy the friendship, community, and accomplishment of the Special Olympics. Every Year, the Murray Rockets receives donations and sponsorships from local businesses - volunteer support from the community. This film was made to play at their annual fundraising event, but also serves a longer-running purpose as prelude to a feature-length work in progress.

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THE RHYTHM OF CHRISTMAS - Lone oak first baptist christmas film

Film for Churches - Live Music Programs: Films like these are used as tools for Christian Ministry in church, by delivering the gospel message through creative multimedia & illustrated message. This film was delivered in three parts to punctuate a live Christmas musical. We wrote, storyboarded, filmed, and produced the percussion - working with the Associate Minister's musical accompaniment.

Lone Oak First Baptist is a church in Paducah that performs large musicals for the season. The production team at Lone Oak First Baptist views their work in multimedia as a means of worship to Jesus Christ.

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Film for Small Businesses - Single films like these are used to introduce a product or service to a target audience. We worked with Broken Arrow Farrier to make a film that introduces his work and his brand to potential customers.

Broken Arrow Farrier operates out of Western Kentucky and tends to horses. Tanner learned the skill from his grandfather, and he is seen working side-by-side with him in this project.

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the totally awesome super important you - offical trailer

Educational Film Curriculum for Nonprofit Organizations - This is the trailer for an entire curriculum we wrote, directed, filmed, and produced for Child Watch to use in classrooms across the state of Kentucky. We worked with the Child Watch staff to give them a tool for education that imparts sensitive and difficult material to a student audience - an educational two-part film series that matures with the audience in stages.

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papillion center - family counseling in paducah ky

Film for Nonprofit Organizations - Single films like these are used by nonprofit organizations and charities to spread awareness and gain donations at events. These films are also effective on social media, garnering community comment and support.

We worked with the Papillion Center to create a film that introduced their services, giving illustration to their core-values and identifying their client base. This film was used to raise awareness and gain financial support at their annual fundraiser. It is used in email and social media to continually gain community comment and support online as well.

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Film for Nonprofit Community Organizations - This film introduces the Murray Calloway Senior Citizens Center to Murray, Kentucky. We worked with the staff to make a standalone film to capture life at the center, intended for garnering local support as well as outreach to the senior community in the area. This project is featured on the center's website home page. Standalone films like these make excellent email signatures, presentation starters, and enjoy community comment & support online.

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Film for Churches - Live Music Programs: Films like these are meant to accompany a live presentation or musical performance for churches and worship services. This film was made to play as special messaging in multiple parts as interlude sequences for a Christmas musical. We work with our clients to write, storyboard, and design full productions around gospel messages - using film as a tool for Christian ministry.

Lone Oak First Baptist is a church in Paducah that conducts their services live and online with the technical aid of multimedia production. The production team at Lone Oak First Baptist views their work in multimedia as a means of worship to Jesus Christ, and we are glad to worship with them through our own gifts.

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Film for Small Business - This film introduces the functional pottery and literary works of Josh and Justine Riley of Panther Creek Pottery. We worked with the Rileys to create a film that encompasses their creative passions with images of their daily life and environments. Films like these serve as excellent centerpieces on a website home page, garner comment and support on social media, and make for long-form promotions for a product or service.

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a love letter to dad and back agaiN

Special-purpose Documentary Film - We worked with Steven Elder to create a film that honors his father by capturing a moving portrait of his life - featuring his words, relationships, and passions. We spent days with Joey Elder - capturing his words, familiar places, situations, and environments. We wrote and recorded an original score for this film and produced a work that the Elder family enjoys as a film-portrait of a loved one and keepsake for generations.

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fall gourd festival

Tourism Film for Communities - This film introduces a small-town event to tourists and surrounding communities through creativity and documentary-spirited film. We spent time with the local artists, filming the event itself - following up with artists and craftsmen we met there. The result is a special tourism film featurette that can be enjoyed by the local community as well as visitors who discover it online. We produced this special piece of film independently when invited to the event by a friend.